Supplier Registration

Note: Before continuing please ensure that you have the following documents ready to be electronically uploaded and allow at least 20 minutes to complete the registration as registrations are unable to be saved and returned to at a later date:

  • Mandatory Insurances – Certificates of Currency for Public Liability and New South Wales or Queensland Work Cover (if required). Tax invoices are not accepted as they do not verify current Insurance cover;
  • Verification of Banking Details (e.g. deposit slip; voided cheque; bank certificate; or bank statement) that includes BSB, Account Number and Account Name;

C-Res strongly encourages suppliers to upload supporting documentation, for example business Capability Statement, flyer, brochure, menu, venue booking forms and /or business advertising at the end of the registration. These documents will be visible to Local Buying Program Users at BHP, BMA and BMC in their online Supplier Directory along with a business website that is listed in the registration. If these documents are not ready to be uploaded on registration, they can be uploaded at a later date.

As part of the registration process you will also be asked to:

To register as a supplier you must meet the following criteria:

You do not meet all requirements. Please contact C-Res.

Email –
Phone – 1800 536 663